Eurolining can be safely called one of the most sought after sheathing materials today. And this is not surprising, because it has a lot of advantages and benefits - beauty, environmental friendliness, durability, affordability, practicality, ease of maintenance and ease of installation, etc. It is manufactured according to European standards and is used for exterior and interior premise cladding.

Eurolining favorably compares with conventional lining, surpassing it in many ways, for example, with a wider connection to avoid gaps and condensation.

A convenient mortise and tenon connection contributes to simplicity and ease of installation, allowing you to quickly and reliably connect the planks in one plane. Eurolining finishing transforms any room. The richness of textures and colors makes it possible to choose the most suitable option for any room. Sheathing with eurolining creates a favorable microclimate in the room: natural wood evaporates essential oils that heal the room, plus it regulates the natural level of humidity. This natural finishing material provides excellent sound insulation, protects from cold, and prevents the penetration of moisture.

Sheathing with eurolining allows you to level the walls and hide defects of the plaster.

Smooth, varnished surface of the panel is resistant to dirt and easy to clean. Such finishing lumber as lining retains its original decorative appearance for a long time, which is important.

Terrace board

Larch terrace board is a reliable and durable floor covering for any outdoor facilities. Larch wood is resistant to high humidity and temperature changes, it is not affected by fungal infections and damage by pests, has low thermal conductivity and is an environmentally friendly material. Selected wood is used in the manufacture of terrace boards from larch (AB grade) with a minimum number of external defects that do not affect its functionality.



Floor lath

The floor lath (grooved board) is a classic finishing material for flooring, the floor lath is used both for the subfloor laying and for finishing (for varnishing or painting). The floor board is equipped with a mortise and tenon joint, which makes it easy to lay it down.

The floor board that is made of natural wood will become an original decoration for any home. The most accurate connection can be achieved, thanks to the precise grooves in the section of such a board, resulting in a perfectly flat floor. In addition, the floor board provides fairly good thermal insulation, so its use is not only beauty, but also practicality. If it is additionally covered with varnish or oil wax, then its natural pattern will give a special look to each floor.

Such a floor can withstand huge loads and serve you for an unlimited time.

Block-house semicircular


Block-house is a high-quality material that is ideal for interior and exterior decoration.

Walls sheathed with this material imitate a rounded log, but unlike a log, a block-house does not crack and has an absolutely smooth surface. The impression of a wooden hut can be created after finishing the premises with a block-house. This finishing material is resistant to cracking, able to withstand any temperature extremes. Free air space is left between the wall and this type of sheathing, to provide better thermal insulation.

Since the production technology of this material is based on intensifieddrying, the finished product has improved performance properties. Usually, a block-house is made on the basis of coniferous trees, such as Siberian larch, Angarsk pine and others. This is an environmentally friendly material that includes all the positive advantages of natural wood.

Timber imitation


A house finished with the imitation of timber looks no different from a house that is built from natural timber. In addition, the heat and moisture insulating properties of imitation are much higher than those of natural timber. It does not crack under the influence of natural factors, no gaps are formed between the bars and the appearance of the skin retains the original appearance for a long time.

The imitation of a bar is a planed board, interconnected by mortise and tenon connection, and have a chamfer. A sheathed house with this type of finishing material creates an imitation of timber.

It is ideal for sheathing houses made of timber, foam block or monolithic concrete.

Today, timber imitation is widely used for sheathing frame wall structures, both from the exterior and the interior. For example, it is used for interior partitions, bay windows in wooden houses, gables or any other walls.

This is not only an attractive appearance, but also good thermal insulation. Imitation of a bar is similar to lining, they have an identical area of application.

Panels for doors and windows


Wooden plinth - is a profiled wooden lath or plank and has a varied profile.

Wooden plinth is used for interior decoration – it is closing the gaps between the floor and the wall. Ideal for natural wood flooring. Wooden plinth has clear advantages over PVC plinth: environmental friendliness, durability and strength inherent in all wooden products.

A platband is a wooden profiled frame that is framing a door or window opening, a wooden platband closes the gaps between the wall and the door or a window frame.

Corner is used as a decorative element for finishing wooden products: windows, doorways and others. Layout is a wooden profiled lath that is designed to close seams, joints and remove irregularities during finishing.

Dry planed bar


A planed bar of various sections is an irreplaceable material in construction, repair or finishing work. It has a square or rectangular section (with an aspect ratio of no more than 1:2).

There are edged (sawn) and planed bars, as well as natural moisture (16-30%) and dry (10-16%) bar.

The use of the planed dry bar largely determines the quality of the work. The chamber drying provides a stable geometry - the product does not twist, does not bend, nor will it be at risk of blue staining. And gouging guarantees the exact dimensions of the section along the entire length of the product.


Pellets (fuel pellets)

We produce wood pellets with a diameter of 8 mm

DIN plus and ENplus, which comply with the European standard for wood pellets

Type of wood (pine)

Heating value not less than 4.3 Gk

Ash content less than <1%



floor lath